Virtualise to Optimise

Virtualisation can:

  • dramatically reduce total cost of operations (TCO)
  • improve operational flexibility
  • protect for business continuity

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What is virtualisation?


Everyone wants Cloud Computing

But which cloud? There are internal and external clouds which are distinct from public and private clouds, not to mention community clouds. Then there is Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Application as a Service. Which makes sense, and how do you create a roadmap that best suits your business?

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quicktime_logo What is Cloud Computing?

Simplify your migration path to Windows 7

Greatly reduce the time, cost and effort required to migrate to Windows 7 through the application of virtualisation technology.

With the Pano System, organisations migrating onto the new Windows 7 operating system now have the option of deploying the zero client hardware and software platform that was purpose-built for desktop virtualisation.

To ease the transition for end users, the Pano System enables individuals to maintain both a Windows 7 and an XP desktop.

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Pano Logic - Zero clientpano

A purpose-built endpoint for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which delivers savings compared to PCs and thin clients.

Experience a full Windows 7 desktop and at the same time:

  • Eliminate desktop IT callouts
  • Centralise security in the datacentre
  • Massively reduce power consumption
  • Reduce capex and operating expenses

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