Arcus adds real value in the discovery phase. This stage of the process is fundamental, as early decisions will have a significant impact on the subsequent phases.

The aim of the discovery phase is to confirm the business and technical requirements which need to be met by the subsequent design and to confirm any assumptions made to deliver the appropriate service. The discovery phase includes thorough planning and analysis that reduces the overall risk, cost and deployment time of the project. Identifying potential risks early on will limit unexpected challenges during the design and implementation stages.

One stage of the discovery is to obtain a clear view of your IT assets, including their locations, and how and when they’re being used. This can be problematic especially in complex, multi-site organisations. Audit tools provide complete visibility of your IT infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive audit and analysis service across your entire corporate network, including PCs, laptops, servers, network devices and software.

Our discovery phase follows a rigorous process that defines the vision and scope of your project including:


Technical requirements
Assessing proposed technologies and recommending the best solution and implementation approach for your organisation

Existing environment
Reviewing key information about your current environment

Business requirements
Identifying your business goals and drivers and defining your strategy.

Due diligence
A thorough investigation of all project areas

User requirements
Analysing your users, business processes and operational structure

Risk assessment
Examining all project risks.

Operations and management
Reviewing existing IT management and operations

Ensuring that all processes and procedures are understood

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