We are unified!

‘Telecommunications’ – what does it mean to you? The truth is, it means many things to different people, to some it may still evoke images of the old-fashioned telephone exchange with banks and banks of operators, manually connecting and disconnecting analogue phone lines. The 21st Century, however, has brought about seismic change in the industry. We have long since moved on from the analogue network, through the digital phase, and have now embraced the exciting and dynamic world of IP communications. Arcus Technology has a wide range of Unified Communications & collaboration solutions that will transform the way you communicate with both your colleagues and the outside world alike.

Arcus Technology’s video calling, instant messaging, desktop sharing, and whiteboarding solutions, are all great examples of how we have helped evolve telecommunications into unified communications over recent years. We can also help contact centres with multi-channel solutions to help streamline processes and increase return on investment. However, if you want a few phones on your desks, with maybe a couple of mobiles, we can do that too!

What are the benefits?

Cost efficiency



Flexible working

Pay as you grow

Improved communication