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Who are we?

Arcus Technology provides essential IT Support, Solutions and Services to a wide range of organisations throughout the UK.

Founded in 2009 with our head office in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Arcus work in partnership with customers within the Enterprise, SME and Public-Sector markets.

What do we do?

Arcus Technology provide IT Support, Solutions and Services via our Discovery, Design and Deploy phases. We take pride in assisting our customers and go to great lengths in providing all the areas of support you would come to expect from a leading IT Support and Service provider. We provide everything from technical advice to dedicated project managers to fulfil your IT requirements.


In order to successfully implement practical, innovative and cost-effective Solutions, Services & Support, that will achieve the business goals; an initial due diligence process needs to take place.
This due diligence follows a process that defines the vision and scope of your project:

1. What position are we in?
2. What are Our Future Goals?
3. What is Our Future Strategy?

The aim of the discovery phase is to confirm the business and technical requirements which need to be met by the subsequent design and to confirm any assumptions made to deliver the appropriate Solution, Service and/or Support contract.

Our technical requirements assessment proposes technology and recommendations for the best practice solutions and implementation approach for your organisation.


The design of IT infrastructure is essential to the operational performance of any organisation. System requirements typically factor performance, security, capacity planning, resilience, scalability and lifecycle management to match organisational requirement with sufficient tolerance for change.

Arcus operates to industry best-practice and works to the following principles of IT infrastructure design:

High level conceptual design, detailed solution architecture design, build and configuration documents, detailed implementation and migration plan, ongoing operational and management plan, user engagement plan.

Ultimately, the above best-practice approach makes IT infrastructure predictable and ensures your organisation achieves its defined business objectives.


Working with Arcus guarantees a structured project deployed and managed to the highest standards. Arcus work closely with our customers throughout, ensuring an efficient deployment service that is on-time and within budget. Our professional services team will also ensure that the original strategic aims are met and delivered completely as expected.

When your solution is fully implemented, we are committed to ensuring that it delivers throughout its lifecycle. We’ll work with you to transfer ownership of your IT environment either to your in-house support team or to our managed service experts to manage on your behalf, or a combination of both, based on the skills and availability of your team.

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