YubiKey by Yubico


Anti-phishing, designed for businesses.

Anti-phishing needs to move beyond outdated multi-factor authentication. With cyber threats advancing at an alarming rate, many of the methods we once considered safe are just as easily exposed as your password being “password”.

What is YubiKey?

The YubiKey simplifies multi-factor authentication, while making it more secure than ever before. There’s no need to reach for your phone to open an app or trying to memorise a long code. Just tap the YubiKey on your phone or laptop to sign in. You only need to do it once too! It’s that easy.

Although YubiKeys are external devices, they don’t require a mobile connection or batteries to work. They are also compatible with hundreds of different apps and services, including all the most essential business platforms. They’re designed for the modern business, meaning they’re built to be used on the move and to last a very long time.

Prevent human error

Did you know that 9/10 cyberattacks are caused by user error? It can be as simple as clicking on the wrong link, or trusting the wrong email, but it can have massive consequences for your business. YubiKey adds an invaluable layer of protection. It’s incredibly simple for your employees to use, but impossible for hackers to bypass. YubiKey removes the guesswork from your cybersecurity. It gives business owners true peace of mind, knowing only employees have access to your systems.

Trust without compromise

Switching to YubiKey has proven to reduce risk by 99.9%, reduce password-related support tickets by 75% and has seen organisations pass detailed penetration tests with flying colours. To stop modern phishing attacks, you need to stay ahead of the curve, YubiKey lets you do this.

What are the benefits?


Strong multi-factor




Easy to use