What does business connectivity look like with Arcus?

There’s more choice than ever when it comes to connectivity, but the list of what businesses need from their internet is growing. For companies to adapt to a digitalised world, where everything from communication to card payments are handled over the internet, they need consistency, speed, reliability, and assured security.

No matter the size of your business, your industry, or your budget, our team will find the right connectivity solution for you.

You might be seeking lightning-fast speeds that don’t let you down. Or you may be conscious of security and looking for an uncontended line. What you get with Arcus is an award-winning support team, technical specialists, and a tailored approach.

We cut through the jargon, making internet connectivity simple. If you’re not familiar with FTTC, leased line, or Ethernet Flex, don’t worry – that’s our job. We’ll sit down and talk through the needs of your business, finding you the perfect match. We’ll give you the pros, cons, features, benefits, and everything in between.

There really is something from everyone when it comes to connectivity. We work with you and your unique circumstances, whether that’s us performing independently or assisting as part of another project.

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“From the beginning, Arcus have been a proactive and attentive IT provider. We trust them to manage our entire suite of technology requirements for both our Barnsley and Doncaster sites. They continue to provide us with product recommendations as befitting our business, and their ongoing support and expertise has time and again proven extremely valuable.” – VW and Skoda Hayselden Group

The importance of good connectivity for your business

Since so much of working life depends on the internet, strong connectivity is paramount. And it’s come a long way since the early days of dial-up. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of many internet-based products and services, which help their business flourish.

From SaaS to VoIP, file sharing to unified communications, connectivity is at the heart of company operations. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable connection that supports you, your team, and your business activity – without the worry that it will let you down.

Fast, full-fibre connectivity is the future, and it brings with it reliability and the capability to handle the growing needs of a business, as well as heavy-duty bandwidth activity. Here at Arcus, we have a connectivity solution for every business size, shape, and requirement.

What are the benefits of choosing Arcus?

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Increased Speeds

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Stronger Signals

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Quicker Cloud Access

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Improved Security

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Peace of Mind

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Multi-user Support

What connectivity is right for my business?

Choosing the right connectivity means taking a 360 view of your business. What tasks do your employees need internet for? Is it just emails and low-bandwidth activities? Or perhaps they’re using multiple apps and require strong upload speeds for file sharing?

Smaller companies of up to 100 employees may have different requirements to larger, data-hungry enterprises. Our technical experts, based here in Barnsley, can talk you through your options. Whether that’s a private leased line or burstable ethernet flex, we’ll find you the perfect connectivity solution for your team.

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