Cyber Essentials


What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber attacks come in many forms, however the majority are very basic and therefore easily protected against. The government backed scheme helps organisations mitigate the risks of the most common attacks.

No matter how small your organisation is, you are likely to be connected to a cyber-attack. Suppliers, third-party vendors, and larger organisations are all part of the wider ecosystems which are interconnected with each other.

Cyber essentials is a self-assessment certification which gives you peace of mind that your cyber defences will protect against the majority of common cyber-attacks.

Obtaining Cyber Essentials is a simple process through completion of a self-assessment questionnaire we assess your business against the basics security controls. A qualified assessor verifies the information provided and then we award you with Cyber Essentials certification.


Cyber Essentials Certification Process

Cyber essential certification process involves testing technical controls on your IT infrastructure. You are required to complete and submit a self-assessment questionnaire for evaluation.

Identify requirements – Assess the status quo using critical security controls.

Develop cybersecurity policy – Identify existing weaknesses in your security and determine where you are now and where you need to be. Create a set of initiatives to address the high priority risks and control gaps.

Plan and implement – Using the gap analysis focus on identifying a set of actions and best practice for implementing and administering improvements and test success.

Complete and submit self-assessment questionnaire for audit – Provide evidence to support your cyber security policy meets as a minimum the critical security goals.

Annual renewal – It is recommended that the cyber essentials certification is reviewed and resubmitted annually to maintain certification.

Improve your company’s credentials by having the correct security controls in place

 Certification gives you peace of mind that your defences will protect against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks.

 Stand out from competitors, retain and win more business.

 Increased credibility and reputation, customers feel more confident in sharing information with you.

 Raised awareness of threat with staff reduces risk levels.

 Improved business continuity management.

 Tender for contracts with the MOD, NHS and central government work.

 Drive business efficiencies throughout your organisation which helps improve productivity.


So what are the benefits?

Address security gaps

GDPR Compliant

Bid for government contracts

Protect systems and data

Showcases cyber security awareness

Protects against common attacks