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What does cyber security look like with Arcus?

Our approach to cybersecurity is all about prevention first. As cyber threats advance, businesses need to have a proactive attitude to their online security. Effective cybersecurity strategies should include real-time threat monitoring, profiling for external and internal threats, and solid risk assessment.

From password management tools to cloud data backup, firewalls to multi-factor authentication, here at Arcus, we offer the complete package.

– We monitor the market for the best products, making sure our customers always receive honest, industry-leading recommendations and tools that are tailored to their business.

– We provide an audit to assess the gaps in your cybersecurity, offering advice and guidance to keep defences strong.

– We offer Cyber Essentials certification and security awareness training for organisations, alongside robust cybersecurity infrastructure.

Strong cybersecurity defences help businesses detect problems before they occur, react quickly to threats, and act fast to mitigate damage.

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“From the beginning, Arcus have been a proactive and attentive IT provider. We trust them to manage our entire suite of technology requirements for both our Barnsley and Doncaster sites. They continue to provide us with product recommendations as befitting our business, and their ongoing support and expertise has time and again proven extremely valuable.” – VW and Skoda Hayselden Group

The risks of not implementing strong cybersecurity

With the emergence of AI and advanced social engineering attacks, businesses must have a 360 view of their network, with cybersecurity protection that covers every corner of their business.

Cybercriminals prey on human error, using manipulation and deception tactics to gain access to secure networks. These attempts are growing in sophistication, which means employees can be vulnerable to targeted hacking campaigns that seem increasingly authentic. Security awareness training is a necessary educational strategy.

It’s imperative for businesses to have strong password management, and data disaster and recovery to ensure business continuity and minimal downtime, avoiding disruption to business operations.

Our team of experts support businesses of all sizes to create airtight cybersecurity.

What cybersecurity services do we offer?

Our cybersecurity plans are tailored to you and the unique needs of your business. Our proactive, flexible approach means your package will protect your business now, and in the future. We’re dedicated to helping local business stay protected, learn more about our cybersecurity for businesses in Barnsley.

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Cyber Security delivered by Arcus Technology

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Who are cybersecurity services suitable for?

Effective cybersecurity benefits organisations of all sizes and provides peace of mind that allows you to focus on what matters to you – your business. And SMEs are just as vulnerable, if not more so, than larger companies.

Turning to a trusted cybersecurity provider for a customisable security plan will prevent irreparable damage to your business, your relationships, and your reputation.

Whether you’re handling sensitive data or running a digital online business, you’re vulnerable to a range of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity isn’t an option, it’s a must.

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