A well-managed, secure, reliable IT infrastructure and connectivity setup is the cornerstone of every business across every industry – including car dealerships. This case study is all about showing how we’ve provided that for Hayselden Group, a father and son owned, family run business based in South Yorkshire.

Arcus and Hayselden – a long standing relationship

While operating as a single business entity, Hayselden Group is divided into two separate locations, each with their own individual needs and services. Arcus have been delivering Managed IT and Connectivity Services to the two sites, Hayselden Barnsley (VW) and Hayselden Doncaster (VW and Skoda), for over 8 years.

With a headcount of around 60 users, Doncaster boasts the larger site, while Barnsley is a slightly smaller operation of 40 users. Over the years, we have built a strong, transparent and trust-based relationship, troubleshooting and resolving IT hurdles as they surface.

Business Development Manager at Arcus, Josh Love, is the point of contact and oversees the IT needs of Hayselden Barnsley and Hayselden Doncaster.

What services do Arcus provide?

Arcus provides a one-stop IT solution, supplying products and services tailored to the unique requirements of each Hayselden site as a standalone, and the group-wide organisation as a whole.

IT support & cybersecurity

Hayselden were looking for a managed service provider that was able to meet and advise on a comprehensive and ever-changing set of IT needs, and that’s where we were able to help. Arcus provides a package which includes support desk services, cabling and networking, Wi-Fi infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery, Microsoft 365, antivirus protection, and firewalls. But that’s not all.

Connectivity and communication

When it comes to connectivity, both sites needed reliable and robust internet connectivity, allowing their team to handle sales activity both in the showroom and on the forecourt, as well as back-office administrative and management tasks. The logical solution was a Leased Line, a service which ensures reliable, private, high-speed internet for all day-to-day business activity. Arcus was able to install this, but better yet, we set up Hayselden with a hosted telephony system, unifying communications between both locations. Included in the telephony solution, is a mobile app, which gives flexibility to all staff, who can make and receive calls through anywhere, anytime, just as they would if they were on-site.

Microsoft 365

Hayselden wanted to be able to collaborate on company documents and use the Microsoft Teams app alongside other Microsoft 365 services. At present, Arcus is in the process of setting up a Teams platform for Hayselden Doncaster, further enhancing the business’s ability to collaborate and communicate with all on-site staff, remote workers and those at other Hayselden sites.


Arcus hosts Hayselden Group’s website and manages domain hosting, making sure the site is active and healthy, which is vital for the company’s online status and incoming sales enquiries.

How Arcus have gone the extra mile

Here at Arcus, we don’t want our customers to spend money on unnecessary products. We actively encouraged Hayselden to use their equipment until it reached the end of its life cycle. We believe this transparent approach prevents businesses from emptying their pockets and depleting their IT budget, conserving funds, and maximising the use of assets.

We offer unlimited support desk usage

Hayselden also benefit from our unlimited support desk usage during business hours, which means any IT queries or faults are handled promptly, minimising business downtime. This is crucial for a dealership like Hayselden, who rely on their IT and connectivity to operate. And because our customers only pay for the users they need instead of hourly billing, Hayselden have peace of mind that any issues are thoroughly investigated and resolved efficiently.

We provide best industry products and upgrades

Outdated technology and security software can leave a business vulnerable to cyberattacks and data loss. Therefore, Arcus keep a constant watch on new technology, and make sure our customers aren’t falling behind the industry standard. Recently, we helped Hayselden transition away from an old firewall vendor to Watchguard, who are known for their superior security features. In a world where cyber threats are increasing, it’s important to have an IT provider that can spot chinks in your armour and provide honest, balanced advice.

Furthermore, when faced with the necessity to replace over 40 Windows 7 machines, Arcus swiftly executed the upgrade, ensuring minimal disruption to Hayselden’s operations. This proactive approach demonstrates Arcus’s commitment to providing Hayselden with fast, expert advice around security and vulnerable, end of life products.

What does the future look like for the Arcus and Hayselden partnership?

As technology evolves, Hayselden will receive continued advice and support, with Arcus identifying and rectifying any IT, connectivity, or security issues as they arise. Both dealerships will receive honest recommendations for new products that emerge, ensuring their IT infrastructure is optimised and secure. The long-term relationship is set to continue, with more projects on the horizon!

Final thoughts

Hayselden Group is an example of how a managed IT service works, and how a trusted IT partnership can significantly enhance the operations and efficiency of a business. Our range of services not only addressed Hayselden’s existing challenges, but also positioned them with future-proof solutions and secure cyber defences.

David Lloyd, Sales Manager from Hayselden, Barnsley said “From the beginning, Arcus have been a proactive and attentive IT provider. We trust them to manage our entire suite of technology requirements for both our Barnsley and Doncaster sites. They continue to provide us with product recommendations as befitting our business, and their ongoing support and expertise has time and again proven extremely valuable. Josh and the rest of the team are friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with.”

This collaboration illustrates how modern car dealerships, just like many businesses, are growing increasingly reliant on strong outsourced IT. Contact us to find out more.