Over the past four years, Arcus have been providing IT services to Clive Brook Volvo in Bradford, nurturing a trusted relationship founded on reliable, local IT services and excellent customer service.

When family-owned business, Ray Chapman Motors, recently bought Clive Brook Volvo, the dealership inherited the long-term IT relationship between the newly acquired company and Arcus.

The journey through acquisition hasn’t been without its hurdles, but Arcus have been providing continued support and advice throughout, helping Ray Chapman navigate various IT obstacles.


Clive Brook Volvo and Arcus: a long-standing relationship

Arcus had been in consultation with Clive Brook for some time, but it was back in September 2019, when some security software came up for renewal, that Arcus was presented with an opportunity – to provide a competitive quote.

This was our time to showcase our expertise and value. Our trustworthy, personable approach to IT management, paired with proximity to their sites, solidified the relationship, which has since gone from strength to strength.

As more services came up for renewal, Arcus continued to provide support, advice, and competitive quotes for a range of needs, resulting in Arcus taking on the entire portfolio of IT support services for Clive Brook. This included Microsoft 365, network support, managed print, firewalls, and even fibre connectivity, Wi-Fi, and phone systems.

With two separate dealerships collectively employing over 70 people, the need for a local, expert MSP was crucial.


Ray Chapman Motors acquires Clive Brook Volvo

At the beginning of 2023, Ray Chapman Motors – another established Volvo dealership – bought Clive Brook Volvo. At the time, Ray Chapman had existing IT support in place for their two sites, Malton and York. But they kept an open mind to alternative solutions, having just inherited Arcus’ IT services and recognising the success of the partnership.

With Arcus providing the IT Support for the Bradford and Huddersfield sites, and a different provider managing Malton and York, the question of how best to consolidate IT strategy and accompanying supply chain became a key discussion.

Ray Chapman’s existing remote IT provider and Arcus had to collaborate. But it soon became clear that Ray Chapman were impressed with Arcus’s consultative approach, and with the added value of being a Yorkshire-based business, the relationship grew.

In April 2023, Arcus was announced as the intended sole IT service provider, unifying the IT across the entire business. Our team now serves a user base of over 150 colleagues across four sites, acting as the point of contact for any IT infrastructure issues, upgrades, or projects.

Today we provide Ray Chapman Motors with an extensive range of services, including cybersecurity, multifactor authentication for Microsoft 365, and network management, with the internet and telephony set to expand across the Malton and York sites.

Arcus have also seamlessly integrated with Volvo’s IT infrastructure, forming a collaborative relationship with internal IT departments and third-party software.


How have Arcus gone above and beyond?

In the earlier days, Clive Brook Volvo faced the challenge of inadequate Wi-Fi performance due to low grade equipment. To address this, Arcus upgraded the equipment to robust business-grade solutions, moving to Watchguard for secure Wi-Fi and hardware options. With flexibility to configure multiple secure Wi-Fi networks and the ability to view connected devices at a granular level, Arcus provided Clive Brook with sophisticated solutions that not only delivered performance, but also helped protect them against cybercrime.

Later, when a social engineering attack compromised one of the dealerships, despite the official support still being with another provider at the time, Arcus conducted forensic analysis of logs and emails, providing solutions and advice. This proactivity demonstrated our attentive approach and commitment to helping our customers, even if the issue extends beyond our official remit.

In the current climate, cyber insurance is becoming more demanding, with insurance premiums increasingly based on a company’s vulnerability, and how well they protect themselves against cyber threats. The products, software, and support that Arcus provided both businesses have been instrumental in meeting these requirements.

What’s next for the partnership?

As Ray Chapman Motors continues to consolidate their IT and communications estate across all four sites, , Arcus remains a trusted and efficient IT service provider. The relationship has resulted in financial benefits, streamlined operations, and cost savings for the dealerships.

Most recently, Arcus helped the Bradford site move to new premises, providing continued expertise and a seamless IT migration. The project was a fantastic success with Arcus receiving a special mention at the opening ceremony by Managing Director, Duncan Chapman.

Next on the horizon will be a refurbishment of the Huddersfield site. Arcus will be on standby to swiftly execute a range of IT requests and help facilitate any changes.


What Ray Chapman Motors have to say


“Ray Chapman Motors are a family owned and run business who pride itself on looking after people with the level of care and attention that we would expect to receive if visiting a car dealership. On acquiring The Clive Brook Volvo business, we inherited the existing relationship with Arcus Technology and very quickly identified that their general culture & ethos and overall care and attention towards their customers mirrors our values.

I am therefore delighted that we have now secured the services of Arcus to oversee all IT requirements across all four Volvo dealerships in Bradford / Huddersfield / Malton and York.

Dale, James, and the extended Arcus team have played a fundamental part in the relocation of our Bradford Dealership and overall Group IT restructure. A huge thanks to Arcus from one highly satisfied customer.” Duncan R Chapman, Managing Director, Ray Chapman Motors


Why choose Arcus

The development of the partnership between these two companies and Arcus showcases the importance of reliable IT management and the benefit of having a local MSP with ‘boots on the ground’. With new cyber threats hiding just around the corner, having a trusted IT partner is essential to business of all sizes, from every industry, for robust defences as well as meeting rigorous insurance demands.

Inheriting IT services as part of an acquisition can be difficult to navigate. But Arcus went above and beyond, exceeding expectations and providing a personalised, proactive, and comprehensive IT strategy that mirrored the values of Ray Chapman Motors.

Here at Arcus, we’ve helped lots of Yorkshire businesses with their IT needs. From cybersecurity to connectivity, data backup to all round IT Support, we’re a team of specialists committed to helping Yorkshire businesses with their individual IT needs. Contact us to find out more.