Why JustSecure?

Today’s need for continuous internet connectivity cannot be denied. As an individual user or as an employee in an organisation, blended threats are waiting to attack you, threats like viruses, malware, spam, trojans and insider attacks such as data theft and leakage. Threats are waiting to identify one vulnerable moment when your defences are low, which is why keeping secure is critical!

Ask yourself…


  • How do you ensure continuous security against sophisticated IT
  • Are you confident that you can protect your company’s data and
    applications against constantly evolving security threats?

Unified Security with JustSecure

Our JustSecure service takes the headache out of maintaining the crucial first line of defence against malicious threats.

JustSecure utilises a Unified Security platform at it’s core, built from the ground up to enable efficient, powerful security services with increased scale and velocity while gaining operational efficiencies.

Powered by a WatchGuard Firebox a comprehensive advanced network security appliance that puts our IT Professionals back in charge of your networks with widely deployable, enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any organisation, regardless of budget, size, or complexity.

Our JustSecure service takes the complex management of network security out of your hands, delivering lower start-up and operating costs, and better scalability.

We tailor solutions to meet your specific security requirements, providing independent design expertise with a number of different technology options.

These Unified Security platforms are the next generation in network security and remove the need for multiple network security devices. We also support a range of virtual private network (VPN) functionality, including client, site-to-site and SSL.

Key Benefits:

Maximum uptime

We’ll monitor the service for you 24/7 and offer full hardware support to ensure maximum uptime and availability for your business.

Enhance RMA

In the event your hardware appliance fails, we will provide a loan appliance with your current configuration until a replacement unit is supplied by Watchguard.

Up-to-date protection

We update and upgrade the firewall platforms automatically to provide effective protection against new vulnerabilities.

Optimised performance

We optimise the performance and security of the managed firewall at all times with regular policy reviews and recommendations.

Overhead-free remote access

By integrating the VPN service with our managed firewall you can enjoy secure remote access with no additional administrative overhead.

Multi-layered security

Our managed firewalls support multi-layered security by allowing you to add application-level security and intrusion prevention.

What’s included in the service?

24/7 monitoring and alerting

Firmware upgrades

Extended hardware warranty/RMA

8×5 Remote support (24/7 Support Available)

Device administration

On-going firmware updates and support