Back-Up and Disaster Recovery


Is your business using a back up solution? Disaster Recovery changed the game, and Arcus Technology are here to support you.

Most organisations have an existing data backup strategy. However, do you realise that simply backing up your data is not enough?

If your organisation suffers from a situation whereby your business data is no longer accessible (fire, floor, natural disaster) or has been corrupted in any way, how quickly can you recover? And more importantly, at what cost?

Arcus Technology are here to ensure your business doesn’t become another statistic. Our experts will design the solution for your needs, tailoring the project around a budget, new infrastructure options, using Advanced Automation, Continue Verification and Block Level Storage for secure data replication, because you need the answer in minutes, not in days.

Can you imagine the moment you press the ‘magic button’ and everything return to normal? This is our proposal for back up and disaster recovery.

What is Backup?

Backup is the process which makes a copy of your data. By backing up your data you are protecting it. You may also need to backup data due to accidental deletion, database corruption, alternatively a problem with software upgrade.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is the plan and processes for quickly re-establishing access to data, applications and much more after an outage. Such plan can include switching over to a redundant set of servers and storage until your primary data centre is functional again.

What are the benefits?

Reduce costs

Eliminate downtime

Instant recovery

Mitigate exposure

Ensure productivity

Flexible and affordable

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