What is a computer without connectivity?

These days pretty much everything is connected. Since the dawn of The Internet, leading to Email, VoIP, Unified Communications, The Internet of Things, good internet connectivity has simply become a normal expectation in everyday life. And the market has reacted, continuously innovating at a frenetic pace in order to keep up with society’s insatiable appetite for more bandwidth. But it’s not only about the speeds and feeds. Reliability is just as key for many organisations, and Arcus Technology has a plethora of connectivity options to suit all company’s requirements and budgets.

Whether you’re looking to implement a fast-reliable internet connection, or you would like to save money on your phone bills, Arcus Technology can help you with  solution that can be implemented independently or as part of another project.

Do you know your Leased Line from your FTTC? Your Point to Point Microwave Link from your 5G Modem? Well it doesn’t really matter, because here at Arcus we make it our business to communicate in language our customers will understand. So, we don’t feel the need to blind you with science or throw unnecessary acronyms at you. We simply consult with you to uncover your business needs and then propose the correct solution, whilst highlighting relevant features and benefits, all in plain English. 

Start-ups to Smaller Businesses

Smaller companies of up to 100 employees, looking for smart, simple connectivity solutions, backed by an award-winning support team. Search by product, industry experience of business challenge.

Medium to Large Businesses

Businesses of typically 100+ employees, looking for bespoke technology solutions, award-winning service and UK-leading technical expertise. Search by product, industry experience or business challenge.

What are the benefits?

Increased speeds

Stronger signals

Quicker cloud access

Improved security

Decreased stress

Multiple users supported

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