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Cybersecurity services in Barnsley

As a proud Barnsley business ourselves, we are delighted to provide businesses in Barnsley and beyond with a fully comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. We understand the critical role that cybersecurity plays in safeguarding your business, which is why we tailor your setup to your unique needs.

Our goal is to provide cybersecurity infrastructure that grows and adapts with you. This, combined with our expert support, protects your business, your team and your customers now and in the future.

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“From the beginning, Arcus have been a proactive and attentive IT provider. We trust them to manage our entire suite of technology requirements for both our Barnsley and Doncaster sites. They continue to provide us with product recommendations as befitting our business, and their ongoing support and expertise has time and again proven extremely valuable.” – VW and Skoda Hayselden Group

We’re Barnsley Cybersecurity Specialists

At Arcus, we believe prevention is just as important as cure. As the landscape of cyber threats evolves, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt a proactive stance towards online security. Our 360 approach encompasses real-time threat monitoring, both external and internal threat profiling, and thorough risk assessment.

Cybersecurity support tailored to you

From data loss to targeted phishing attacks, cybercrime and cyberattacks cause devastation to businesses of all sizes, and you need a cybersecurity provider who’s one step ahead of the hackers. With Arcus, you’ll experience full peace of mind and expert assistance when you need it most.

We provide continuous recommendations to get the most out of your cybersecurity, and keep on top of industry-leading products, ensuring your Barnsley business receives transparent, cutting-edge defence tools tailored to their specific needs.

What cybersecurity services are available in Barnsley?

From password management utilities to cloud-based data backup solutions, business firewalls to multi-factor authentication systems, we provide a full suite of cybersecurity solutions and support.

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Cyber Essentials

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Cyber Essentials Packages

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Backup and Disaster Recovery


Cyber Security delivered by Arcus Technology

Password Management

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Why choose Arcus for you cybersecurity?

We help businesses throughout Barnsley and the surrounding area. Our auditing service identifies vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity infrastructure, offering actionable advice and support to bolster defences.

We offer Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification and deliver security awareness training, complemented by robust cybersecurity architecture. By fortifying cybersecurity defences, we pre-emptively identify issues, swiftly respond to threats, and effectively minimise potential damage.

Discover, Design and Deploy

Our Discovery, Design and Deploy phases help us to ensure that we understand business goals, design a bespoke infrastructure and to successfully implement deploy tailored support, solutions and services to achieve business objectives.

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Design delivered by Arcus Technology


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Next steps to secure your business

Strong cybersecurity defences and network security are crucial to protecting your business and your reputation. We craft a cybersecurity strategy that’s bespoke to you, blending employee training and best practice with effective technology.

Whether you’re looking for cybersecurity for small business, or back up and disaster recovery for a large organisation, enjoy a blended cyber defence with Arcus.

For local cybersecurity services, contact us today to the security in place for your Barnsley business.

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