Cybersecurity – What’s the risk?

Cyber threats have evolved. In just a few short years, businesses large and small have been faced with advanced exploits, new phishing and social engineering techniques and dreaded ransomware that holds proprietary data hostage. These new attacks are more sophisticated and more dangerous than ever before, which means that the security solutions of the past are no longer enough.

Luckily, cybersecurity has evolved, too. Modern cybersecurity has moved beyond off-the-shelf antivirus software to advanced software suites, featuring an array of capabilities, that are monitored and managed by technicians in a security operations centre.

More importantly, cybersecurity no longer starts at the last moment when issues arise. Today’s cybersecurity strategies include real-time threat monitoring, profiling for external and internal threats, risk assessment and more. And instead of scrambling around or when an incident should occur, immediate and effective remediation processes are already defined and ready to be executed.

Are you following Cybersecurity best practices?

Because phishing techniques and social engineering exploits are responsible for a large amount of security incidents, the next data breach can only be a click or phone call away.

To combat that risk, it’s important to have a culture of security installed in your workplace, which is why we offer security awareness training as part of your complete cybersecurity plan. Your staff will have the training they need to keep your systems safe in the digital realm as well as the physical world, which can lead to reducing the risk of a cyber-attack of 45 to 70 percent.

The threat is real, let’s protect your business.
If you’re ready to get serious about protecting your business from the increasing threat landscape, contact us today.

So what are the benefits?

Address security gaps


Reduced threat

Protect systems and data

Always alert

Increased staff awareness

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