On recommendation from another medical centre, Arcus Technology were contacted by Leigh View Medical Centre to support them with their telephone system. Leigh View Medical Centre serves over 16,500 patients, but for several years the centre had suffered with poor service on a hosted telephony platform, which wasn’t meeting the provision they required.

The challenge

Before contacting us, the phone system Leigh View Medical Centre had in place should have been able to deliver the level of service and continuity of a 16,500-patient centre, but in reality, it fell extremely short.

An insufficient phone system was a big enough problem alone, but Leigh View Medical Centre were also subjected to charges when any changes needed to be made to the operation of the system, even when if it was a result of the support company’s struggle to keep the service working consistently.

Adding insult to injury, Leigh View Medical Centre were frustrated and stuck with an expensive to run telephone solution and an annual increase in service charges for a service which was way below par.

The solution

When Leigh View Medical Centre contacted us, it was clear they needed support and a resolution to their unmanageable phone system. To overcome the issues that the operations team at Leigh View were experiencing it was clear that the hosted telephone system and the service provider (or lack of service) needed to be replaced.

The key to providing the right solution was to ensure that the replacements were reliable, flexible, and that any support contract agreed upon would do what it says on the tin – support! In order to arrange the right solutions for Leigh View, our Presales Account Manager, James Wood, met with the operations team at the centre to find out which services needed to be replaced, and to explain how new functions and features could further enhance what the medical centre already does.

After taking the time to understand the medical centre’s needs, we concluded that the ideal product would be a hosted 3CX solution connected to a pair of high speed FTTP connections. These two connections offer a high end back up service if the primary connection ever failed. In order to maximise resilience we provided two different connections from two different providers.

Once the solution was agreed, it was seamlessly installed, and full user training was provided to all members of staff at Leigh View. Call management reports and wallboard dashboards were set up for the reception staff in the centre. To date, the service has had 100% uptime.

Benefits of the solution

Our solution has reduced Leigh View Medical Centre’s running costs and provided them with a superior product and level of service. With its functionality and flexibility, the 3CX software supports high call volumes and is ideal for servicing the needs of a medical centre. This is further evidenced by NHS UK, which has over 15,000 users connected to 3CX software across the country. The Medical Centre now have a telephone system which meets their demands and allows them to provide an effective service to their patients.

Leigh View Medical centre has said “The service is a 100% improvement compared to our previous system.”

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